Indoor Facilities

  • Large and medium-sized
    reception halls

  • Large Bath
    (for common use)

  • Parking

  • Coffee Lounge

  • Barrier-free accessibility

Large and medium-sized reception halls

Available for use for banquets, parties, and so on.

[Large Reception Hall]
Usage fee: 8,000 yen (per hour) (including service charge and tax)
Capacity: 80 people

[Medium-Sized Reception Hall]
Usage fee: 6,000 yen (per hour)
Capacity: 40 people

*Both halls must be reserved for a minimum of 3 hours.
*Please consult with us to reserve a hall ahead of time.

Large Bath (for common use)

A relaxing bath in which to unwind and refresh.

All of our rooms features baths, but guests are also welcome to use our large bath.
Take the opportunity to relax and soothe your body and mind before tomorrow’s journey.

[Hours] 17:00 〜23:00 PM 6:30 〜8:30AM
[Fee]Included in the accommodation fee

[Amenities] Hair dryer, body soap, two-in-one shampoo, men’s cosmetics, women’s shower cap

Parking (1,500 yen~/day)

*Parking available (16:00–10:00 the next day); 4 spaces available (reservation required)
Total length less than 4.5 m: 1,500 yen 
Total length 4.5 m or more: 1,500–3,000 yen
Minibus: 5,000 yen

If parking outside of the times listed above,

a normal passenger vehicle is 200 yen/hour.
A minibus is 500 yen/hour.

Coffee Lounge

For a break following a meal or as a meeting place...

Guests can enjoy the relaxing space with freshly brewed coffee and aromatic tea.

[Hours] 7:00 〜9:30、16:00 〜22:00

Barrier-free accessibility

Our ryokan also features barrier-free accessible restrooms for the comfort of guests in wheelchairs.In addition, our large bath is equipped with handrails, bath seats, and so on.